Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps Pt. 10

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Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps Pt. 10
The Don’t Pass and Don’t come bets. While most players avoid betting “against” the dice, mathematically, it is an ever so slightly better bet than the pass line. Because a player can make money betting either way, I feel like you should be knowledgeable and prepared to bet the “dark side.”

When you bet the don’t pass line, you are considered a “wrong” better or a Dark sider. There is nothing wrong with betting this way, it’s just not common. The casino doesn’t care which you bet, as their house edge is the same either way.

So the Don’t pass and Don’t come, work just opposite the way the pass and come work. Unlike the pass & come, the Dont’s are not contract bets and can be taken down at any time.
The Don’t pass bet can only be made before the come out roll when the puck is in the off position. Now the come out roll, 7 or 11 is a loser, 2 or 3 is a win and pays even money.

There are 8 ways to roll a loser and only 3 ways to roll a winner. This is the big dis-advantage you have on the come out roll. If you can make it past the come out roll and a point is established, the odds of winning are now in YOUR favor as the seven is the number most likely to roll. At this point, No other number rolled effects the game. You simply wait for the seven to roll before the point number.

The Don’t Come bet works exactly like the Don’t pass bet, the only difference is you make this bet in the middle of the game, when a point number is already established and the puck is in the ON position. With the don’t come bet, you place the bet in the don’t come area, and if a point number is rolled, the Dealer will move your bet up to a number to mark it. If a seven rolls first and you win, he will pay it off in the don’t come area, and you will be responsible for collecting it. If you plan on making Don’t come bets, you probably want to position yourself around the table, so you can reach the don’t come area. Want to add odds? after the dealer moves your don’t come bet up, simply put your chips down on the layout and ask the dealer to “lay odds” on your don’t come.
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Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps Pt. 10

10 thoughts on “Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps Pt. 10

  1. Thank you for great videos, I'm still learning and these videos are really appreciated. I never considered playing "the dark side" until now. I think mostly because I was sure at least one other player was holding a hangman's noose and ready to use it on me if I did play that way !

  2. Bet Pass + Don't Pass followed by laying odds if a point was hit.
    Then Bet Come+Don't Come and lay odds if another point is rolled.
    Continue this until you have 4 numbers working.
    When the 7 shows up, you collect all your winning bets at the same time and can walk away with money in your pocket having just won a big score.
    This method works even better if you have cursed luck and can turn a hot table arctic cold just by stepping up to the rail.
    Works like a charm for me because I am the real world version of William H Macy's character in "The Cooler".

  3. You should redo this video and correct the mistakes you made. You stated the you get paid on a don't come if a 7 rolls, in the beginning of the video at 4:41. Come on man! lol

  4. why put more money (odds) when you can make total bet (initial bet plus the odds ) all in one bet .you make more money that way . that is on don't come bets only . do the math ………

  5. Have a silly question,after watching all your videos been having allot of crappy shooters including myself lately. I’m considering moving to only play the dark side. But doing my research first. So can I play every other number from 4-10 and not play the point mark,and play the don’t pass line as an insurance? But I will be making money and pressing my bets if this is allowed?

  6. Yep, for the haters of the Dark Side rollers – – tell 'em:

    "Look, there is NOT ONE THING that I do on this board, that will affect the outcome of YOUR roll. If you think my bets on the Dark Side are fouling your rolls up, go tap the Easter Bunny on the shoulder & ask him his opinion on it. He lives & dies on your silly superstition as well.".

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