Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps

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The Don’t Pass and Don’t come bets. While most players avoid betting “against” the dice, mathematically, it is an ever so slightly better bet than the pass line. Because a player can make money betting either way, I feel like you should be knowledgeable and prepared to bet the “dark side.”

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Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps

10 thoughts on “Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – How to Play Craps

  1. I like your way of explaining these different ways of the table.. you are a good instructor.
    Thanks and good luck to all…still require luck..this is why craps is so exciting!!

  2. Yes, the don’t is the best bet in Craps. Don’t bets are eliminated in Crapless craps. If you play Crapless craps, you can kiss all this good information goodbye.

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  5. I think other players feel frustrated when they are losing money and they see you winning money, so they somehow feel like you are taking their money instead of the casino. I used to pull my don't bet down if it landed on the 6 or 8 until I realized I could just place the 6/8 and then place another don't if the 6/8 rolled again I'd win just a little bit but if they didn't I would lose just a little bit, Instead of just standing their while the 6/8 rolled 20 times in a row with a few 11's mixed in just to end up losing faster then when the 7 rolled I'd still be trying to establish a "good" number. So just leave your don't bet where ever it lands and don't try to replace it on a "better" number. I don't think their is a wrong way to bet if you have a $50 don't 10 and you buy $50 on the 10 then that's okay because you could win $100 or break even. As far as the other players go it doesn't matter where your chips are on the table.

  6. I love betting on the Don’t. On a good day I would roll, get my point, max my odds bet and then roll a “7” 😁

  7. Hey, Hey I just released my new video so check it out let me know what you think and share the love with other people, thanks 🎉🎉

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