How I Made Some Guy 20k at the Craps Table

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How I Made Some Guy 20k at the Craps Table

10 thoughts on “How I Made Some Guy 20k at the Craps Table

  1. You don't sit down at a craps table. If the other guy was betting the don't pass and he won would mean that you crapped out and would have passed the dice ending your story right there.

  2. i went in with 120 buccks at craps and a guy made 7 points after 1 hour 15 min made me made 8.8K and went in next day lost 3 went back again next day won 6.5K and went again everyday for a week and lost 13K. I didnt sleep well in over a week, wish I had thrown the money out of the window of my car driving there 50 min each way.

  3. I guarantee you if he would have put $3000 on the Dont pass when i was shooting he would have lost his money.

  4. I was the best Craps Player yesterday, I am the best Craps Player today and I will be the best Craps Player tomorrow and everyday after that.

  5. The guy was playing the don't side and this kid , didn't even pay attention. Hey buddy you could have made a lot of money by just watching his system and memorize what and how he bet. But oh No , go play the slot machines people and lose for sue……I am a craps player if you want to learn how to win
    go here I love craps, and it make me a living

  6. Hmmmm. He likely was playing the Don’t Pass line. But, if he was and you were betting opposite (Pass Line), how were you STILL rolling? In order for him to win, you have to 7-out! Which means the dice go to the next player.
    Unless you and the other guy were the only two playing at the table, I call BS to this story.

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