The Five Count by Golden Touch Craps

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If you watch only one video on craps techniques make it this one! Golden Touch Craps presents the Dice Dominator explaining the 5 count in craps. Subscribe to learn more on dice control!

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The Five Count by Golden Touch Craps

10 thoughts on “The Five Count by Golden Touch Craps

  1. The only bets to bet on in craps is:
    pass or dont pass with free odds and come and don't come with free odds.
    All other bets is sucker bets.
    There is no such things in the casino games.
    Stick to the low percentage bets and if you win you win.
    If you lose, you lose, but it will not hurt your wallet more than your bank roll.

  2. None of this makes logical or mathematical sense. This guy just wants to scam people by getting them to take his classes. Please do not ever go to the casino expecting to win, because the house always has the advantage and there is no way to control the mechanics of any game. The casino will not let you count cards, control the dice, or any other method of controlling game variables. Just go to the casino to have fun and gamble responsibly.

  3. love the information but please lose the 84 music I tried to turn a guy onto your video he said he couldn't do the music either

  4. I found that if you 'motorboat' the big-t^tted chick next to you the odds of winning goes up dramatically. Of course you might have to use your winnings for bail.

  5. craps is a random game. by counting outcomes you can have no ability to predict the next outcome. do you sleep well at night?

  6. I know Dom is one of the best dice controllers. But it's hard to take betting advice that deals with the worst bet on the table other than prop bets. The Come is a horrible bet as soon as your Come transfers to a box number, the edge shifts entirely to the house. It's only benefit is a one roll protection against the 7. And that one roll protection is nulified by it becoming a contract bet once it's on a box number. If you like playing a repeater strategy, then why not just do the 5 count, then make a place bet on whatever number hits next? a 5 unit bet pays 35$, which you can immediately regress to one unit when it hits. Now you've made money on the shooter, and you can continue to press and collect if the shooter is hot.

    I get why you would combine come bet with 5 count. Odds are to roll a 7 one in every 6-7 rolls, so odds are good that you'll catch a 7 while you're on the Come bar and win. But odds are just as good or better that you can get one hit on a random shooters first roll when the game is on, and then regress.

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