How to Play and Win at Craps in the Casino

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If you would you like to have a PDF of this Craps Betting Strategy for Playing Craps at the casino, let me know. I have more stuff I might be willing to share while having fun playing games while your wife is playing the slots and losing money at Vegas or the Casino of your choice.


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David “Tiger” Knight

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How to Play and Win at Craps in the Casino

10 thoughts on “How to Play and Win at Craps in the Casino

  1. i'm sorry, but this was an awful explanation of how to play the game for someone who doesn't know anything about craps

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  3. I'm going to learn how to play this game one day and then make a loveing video that beginners can understand, and i'm going to explain it so they understand for instance when I say shooter I am going to say this is the person that is throwing the dice. You know like I will loveing explain what I'm saying, not like every friggin video on youtube that explains jack bad

  4. Dave, try placing the 5 and 9 for $3 each and press both when one hits. after the second hit same bet with change on the hard 6 and 8. continue to take one press one after each winner and always change on the hard 6 and 8…you can make alot of money with a very small risk in this type of strategy…i see your style but it can be a bit expensive if the dice are cold. the strategy i use will keep you around the game long enough for the dice to get hot…Just my 2 cents, happy shooting

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  6. C&Es, hardways, horns, fields and anything else that isnt pass line, come bet or place numbers are all sucker bets.

  7. Amen 8bit! Anyone who says hard ways are a good bet, even for dice setters/influencers, I immediately shut off. Hard ways, C&E, horn….all sucker bets. I DO play the field at the minimum when I have 5, 6, 8, and 9 Placed, ONLY because it covers ALL the other numbers for me except 7 (obviously). This way, I'm ALWAYS going to win something (unless 7 hits). BTW, my place bets get pressed aggressively (every time an inside number hits) once they are paying DOUBLE the minimum.

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    You can tell me to stop any time you want, but you won't.

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