Make $35 An Hour PLAYING CRAPS!! – “Craps Strategy”

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This is a step by step tutorial of my new craps paradigm “T.R. Strategy”. No OTHER LIKE THIS! Have Fun & GAMBLE SMART! If you have any questions email me at

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Make $35 An Hour PLAYING CRAPS!! – “Craps Strategy”

3 thoughts on “Make $35 An Hour PLAYING CRAPS!! – “Craps Strategy”

  1. Ok buddy first of all you claim to have played all other systems to no avail and maybe you have I assume you have played the Martingale a lot as your "TR" strategy is simply that on the Don't Pass! $5-$10-$20-$40 and so on completel Martaingale. And secondly your Don't Pass to cover your "Iron Cross" is classic hedging. Betting $5 on 7 to hit while betting $4 on 5-6-8 and Field also known as Iron Cross while waiting for the 7. I wouldn't claim this as a NEW innovated system but a well used combination of many concepts. I will say good luck with the Martingale part of this process as this is the most volatial betting strategy there is no matter the limits.

  2. Strategy (strat-e-gy) is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. Therefore this is MY STRATEGY. & the whole point was to show people like yourself how to make some extra money .(Not to be debated and scrutinized) Because truth be told I have dozens of these "strategies" that I could charge you to receive so please direct your negativity elsewhere. Your right there are mixtures but no other channel has posted any of my kind. The martingale part will not even be a worry if you don't get greedy and gamble SMART! By the way this isn't intended to create conflict but resolution.  

  3. This is a message for viewers, not a negative comment.  Do not!! follow this guys advice.  His "strategy" is the oldest, best known & worst betting method.  You will LOSE your money!

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