10 thoughts on “How to Play Craps and Win Part 3 Come Bet w Odds DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN JUST MINUTES 1

  1. he should've had a house guy doing the payouts so he wouldn't have to do both jobs.

  2. Really appreciate these videos. Headed to Vegas next week. I've always wanted to play Craps but have been intimidated by it. I really appreciate how you break it down.

  3. Error. Starting at 4:05 come bet is set to 8 point is turned off next roll is 7 witch kills the come bet of which you left alone & later pay

  4. I'm hoping the next video gets into what I'm looking for which is playing up top. Your videos are awesome though. Just looking for a specific type of play.

  5. Hard way bets are good until your point number is made or 7 is rolled? If you make you pass-line number but not your COME OUT numbers they stay on the table but not in play until your next point is established?

  6. I had never played craps in my life, I used this strategy in Atlantic City this weekend and cleaned up!! Thank you for the tutorial

  7. Question ! If you have come bets out and the person with the dice wins, does your come bet stay out ?

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