8 thoughts on “CRAPS Full Press and Collect (DC) Betting Strategy #2

  1. Finishing up here gang with the totals.
    Payout, total rolls etc.
    10 points gang

  2. Thanks for the sit-in video I've been throwing it now for about 45 minutes seems to be working pretty good

  3. U took your own black chip to mark a point not sure if u did that more than once but that was a badass roll

  4. Just left the casino. Using a 54 62 one finger into the corner like you showed. Man was ripping em attracted a Lil attention there were watching me close but got my 300$ and gtfo. Thanks for the vids man you the best

  5. I finally found out who ck is from reading comments on the bone thrower can't wait to watch more on my 2-hour commute

  6. I can totally donate a real Craps layout for the table if you want dawg. I know this was a year ago but

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