10 thoughts on “3,360,000. A year playing craps.

  1. At elapsed time of 1:33 he states that the 4 & 10 pay-offs would be $1500 each for the $480 place bet, but, assuming that he is 'buying' the 4 or 10 then the pay-offs should be at 2 to 1 minus the 5% vig which would be $960 – $48 (5%) = $912 Also, if the 4 & 10 bets were just 'place' bets the payoff would be at 9 to 5 and that would be $864.

  2. My casino has a fire bet which is from $5 – $25 if you bet on yourself or any other shooter and the turn on 4 numbers the fire starts paying if you hit all 6 numbers with $25 you win $25,000 taxes of course I watched a guy hit this 3x one night love when someone takes house money

    If this is legit congrats

  3. So all other bets on the table, would you say are sucker bets? Hard, easy, craps, field? Do you ever take those bets?

  4. This should be called the press yourself till 7 strategy lol i can see covering all numbers and pressing the first 2 and keeping the rest until you get your investiment back then flip flip for a bit, press one keep one press one keep one and pull down after 10 rolls and start Over , your up alot só do some hard way bets and a few horn bets or a et, yo or midnight

  5. if you can throw 8 numbers in a row why not play 1000 per number……………millionaires dont need to advertise on you tube …..everybody has a secret system

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