How to Play Craps and Win Part 7: Don’t Pass Line

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Video 7 explains the Don’t Pass Line and how it can be used as an alternate strategy to other provided in earlier videos. It is not my favorite way to play but it can be used at cold tables or shooters.

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How to Play Craps and Win Part 7: Don’t Pass Line

10 thoughts on “How to Play Craps and Win Part 7: Don’t Pass Line

  1. You have the very best videos on craps on all of YouTube thank you hands down yours are the best and easy to follow

  2. Derek, question on the ( 6 BIG 8 ) section on the table ……………… what is this Bet exactly and how to you play it ? Thanks so much

  3. Very cool I am getting the idea. Where can I buy the green table cloth to set up at home and practices

  4. Just returned from Foxwoods thank for the video! Great Job , everyone appreciates your insight!

  5. One thing I did was pass line bets when I was the shooter…if you feel like a good shooter as I do try that strategy… Played 7 hours… Grind but fun lost 135.00.not bad

  6. I don’t ply the Don’t Pass when I am rolling because 80% of the time I hit a few points. I make most my money when I am the one rolling. LOL

  7. when a six or 8 rolls i place a hard 8 or a hard six bet. does that even my odds out some? is that a smart move?

  8. So would you say that it’s smart not to bet odds on your original bet when playing the pass bar? It seems like we’re playing safer because original bet pays two to one whereas the odds on the original bet have smaller payouts.

  9. TIP from 45 years of experience say you have a $10 table well either bet the hop 7's or any 7 to not lose that $10 even if shooter makes point without a 7 you lose your few dollars on any 7 say $3 and still have 7$ left of your 10 now lay odds as much as you want or just leave it alone you win $7.

    Watch this no matter what casino i was in time of day or month or day of week when any player pops 3 craps in mid roll they all 7 out after 5 more throws. Now another way to win is not bet DP at all wait for point to establish and lay the point $31 no 5 or 9 $24 no 6 or 8 $41 no 4 or 10 YOU see how strong it is they charge you an extra $1 on 4 and 10 so you really only profit $19 this is the built in edge they have it's all math throw it right back at them.

    YES I agree DO NOT throw dice when your betting wrong never ever do this just collect against others quietly.

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