CRAPS Strategy – Bouncy Table Controlling and Understanding..

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CRAPS Strategy – Bouncy Table Controlling and Understanding….. Controlling and Understanding the Bounce on bouncy Tables.
This is very very super important info for Dice Controllers​ on controlling the Dice on Bouncy Table. You won’t get this info anywhere else.

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CRAPS Strategy – Bouncy Table Controlling and Understanding..

10 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – Bouncy Table Controlling and Understanding..

  1. UPDATE: took this to the casino and just tossed 40 times. That’s right 40!!! 5/4 – 4/5 set from SL1. This is by far my biggest win ever! Man, it’s a lot of fun when the entire table is making money!

  2. I have been doing this for quite sometime now, and I always like seeing what you have new on your videos. For everyone else out there if you're at bouncy tables, this is very supplemental, can't stress enough how important the physics in this video is, great job CK!

  3. Took the premier grip, throwing 5/4, 5/4. Threw over 20 rolls my first time. By far my best yet. Then kinda lost it, started to 7out around the 10 mark which in my opinion is still great. Then, in walks a random shooter. This guy must of rolled 50plus. I was very conservative and walked away $800 ahead.

    Thanks for all the advice and videos! Keep them coming!!!

  4. Any idea what makes the table bouncy… I know the felt is sway microfibre…. but what’s underneath there?

  5. oh my Lord, I have decent dice control at a craps table but casinos who choose to use too much rubber underneath their fell? Just don't play at those casinos, because they're stingy and they don't use a regulation table

  6. the reason why some casinos use rubber underneath FL? Is because they don't want you to win at Blackjack, craps, they don't want you to win at all because casinos are getting stingy and they don't want you to win anything go to a real casino with a regulation table, and stand clear the ones who have rubber underneath are felt.. you cannot have dice control on a bouncy table, it's impossible this video is a joke

  7. Ck, get yourself a Rottweiler. They don't bark as much as MOST dogs. They save it for important things!! Not just because the neighbors dog is barking. You'll thank me later! Love your videos and can't thank you enough!! Keep on a Trumpin!!

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