How to Practice Your Craps Dice Control

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Great advice from the 8th ranked gambler of all time on how to practice dice control, including why regular practice increases muscle memory.

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How to Practice Your Craps Dice Control

8 thoughts on “How to Practice Your Craps Dice Control

  1. Very, very good advice Dom, thanks. I hope to make it to your practice convention or sessions.

  2. Dom's advice about how long to practice is right on! You don't want to get "repetitive use syndrome" ; this could stop your shooting forever. Just getting a slight shoulder injury; then practicing too long will injure your shooting arm and/or shoulder perhaps forever. This practice time information is very important. Thank you Dominator.

  3. You can start by getting rid of that yankee thing in the backround

  4. I have a bad shoulder so should I wait till it gets better or throw from the side next to the stick man . And what do you think of practicing at the Indian casinos. As they are closer than Reno

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