10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — ATM Hedge Strategy

  1. I watched this video about 5 times i love it but losing that 300 scares the crap out of me lol no pun intended

  2. Hi you mentioned a partner. Can you show a video with that. They play the do and you play the don’t. Not sure which way it goes. Thanks in advance!!

  3. What’s Up Lester
    The answer is yes….you can play the system in a smaller amount, you just have to realize the smaller the amount the less you will have to place on the numbers especially if the point is a 6 / 8 just remember your in charge I’m just the person who’s showing you strategies.
    Thanks for your question 👍

  4. Hey Lester
    I love your energy….I do my videos for my followers who give me the energy & a meaning to keep producing videos.
    Thanks for following my channel 😎😎

  5. Lester my Man
    Your not the only one who’s scared of losing $300 🥺🥺so am I. Hehe
    It took me awhile to be able to take it to the table limit. If I catch a Roll and made my Staying Alive Money back I can push my bets to table limit…even if the limit was $5000. But it took time for me to grow B-LLS big enough to do it.
    I’ll be in Vegas Aug 1st to 5th
    If you wanna Roll Some 😎
    Thanks again for following Me 🤙🤙

  6. Hello ATS Landscaping
    Just was answering a viewer who told me that some places in Nevada wouldn’t let a player bet a Don’t & Place the same point at the same time.
    So I suggested that he should get a partner to place the point that he had a Don’t bet on. I’ll try to show a short Video on that if I have time.
    Thanks for your question 🤙

  7. Hi Mel…1st time commenting & subscribing to your channel. I've seen most of your videos and this one I like the best. Losing $300 a pop is no fun but we should remember that the loss can be made back quicker with 4, 10, 5 & 9 as your hedge numbers. Since we're talking one roll of the dice to me this strategy is a very good risk reward strategy that gets you on casino money asap. Thanks for your time & effort….well done!

  8. Hello Warbaby
    You are exactly Right the Loss can be made back. That’s why I mentioned if you are going to play this strategy you need a good size bank roll. Simply because you could get caught with a 7 / 11 on the come out. So you would need enough of a bank roll to over come that loss. It’s the same way I felt when I was playing “Back in the Day” I always felt I could make back the loss because of the kind of $$$ I was playing and the Bank Roll I was playing with. My problem back in the day was not thinking about Staying Alive!!! That’s why I stress a lot about Staying Alive if I did that back then I would have lost a lot less and won a lot more.
    Thanks for your comment and thanks for subscribing I appreciate it 👍👍

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