Live Casino Craps Ep 3 – $10 Table

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Live Casino Craps Ep 3 – $10 Table

8 thoughts on “Live Casino Craps Ep 3 – $10 Table

  1. ''i need a bud or datta boy'' guy ——–a beaut,,,,,,,,,,,, ………………….great vid

  2. Maybe tripod the camera on box bets so we could watch the chips. Thanks for sharing. And looks like lots of green action for $10 table. Are you playing standard DGE?

  3. Dge when you had the 16k on the dp with 8k odds what was the starting bet 🤔or was that the first bet in the series🤣

  4. I play at Cherokee River. They are a no camera or cellphone casino. You did good. I don't know how you shot it, but you did it. Going up there next tuesday or thursday. Love the 10 buck tables early morning.

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