Craps Sucks. You can win, but you gotta keep it real

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In Craps, we all know that the 7 is a nasty beast. We know that every strategy we come up with requires a miracle. We know that our timing is usually off … our throw is bad … the table is cold … and everything is stacked all the way against you.

Yet we keep playing. Why?

And many of us keep winning. How?


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Craps Sucks. You can win, but you gotta keep it real

10 thoughts on “Craps Sucks. You can win, but you gotta keep it real

  1. For me the parlay don't work well , for u I think if u put 100 on the 5 , when it hits take the 140 put it across and collect each hits

  2. The white white red does not need a monster in my humble opinion… I only use it on myself straight out of the gate with no trigger… On most everybody I wait for the trigger and then enter the white white red. You will get your ass handed to you if he just played this WWR out of the gate on everybody like you’re doing in the video… I explain this in my channel. You must of missed that part buddy. Haha. This is designed for people who have a controlled throw or a Lucky random person at the table to which give me my trigger to enter the WWR on them so you don’t sit there and watch a 50 or 60 hand roll in front of your eyes….

  3. Love your channel! I've been playing for a few years, but at a VERY basic level, which got a bit drab. Last night I tinkered with the Horsemen strategy I learned from your channel and had my best session ever. Didn't come away rich, but for betting the minimums on a $5 table, I got 'em for a few units. It was a fun and enlightening night. Learned some things not to do with that strategy, as well as some things to maybe repeat.

  4. It doesnt make sense to me : You talk about having to demonstrate discipline and then show a strategy or an attitude / approach to the demonstration that has nothing to do with discipline. Perhaps, that is the intent. However, you mention that you cant beat the game or casino because of time and money. I would suggest that money management and risk management – two different things – are practiced consistently with discipline, focus and patience. The House does have the edge, what are we doing as players to squeeze that edge over time? There is no strategy that works consistently; however, there is a methodology in which we can apply / approach the game that puts the probability of success on our side as a player. There is the mathematical side of it; as well as, the art side to the game and with some luck, a player can win at this game. The #1 problem I have witnessed playing craps for over 10 years is that 99% of the players have to have action on every roll – a recipe for disaster.

  5. That's the reality of gambling. You lose some and win some. Money management is necessary for result-oriented gamblers.

  6. Have you ran a statistical analysis on laying the point ?

    Also , when you shoot, Bet on Don”t Pass the Bar , and can you do one good roll on the hard way set to establish a point . Once the point is established , then intentionally throw the dice off axis to get the Mickey Mantle on the field ?

  7. Great video. I love that mentality, "this game is set up to make you lose." Very clear way to demonstrate how hard it is to make money.

  8. The only way at a chance to win long term is to play the Dark Side with the King and that is the "7" the key is to know when to play and when not to and you have to have discipline and patients of "STEEL" If you try to play every shooter even a Dark Sider will lose!!! In addition a strict win goal and STOP LOSS is a MUST!!!

  9. Hello John, in a previous video I believe you stated that despite do side video strategies you play the dark side when you play live most times? Would you care to show your strategy and how you are playing the Dark Side? What is your go to Dark Side strategy?

  10. Why I play the Dont's "Darkside" = The average number of rolls from the last 7 to the next 7 is only 6 rolls and the next seven could very well be a seven out! The average number of rolls per shooter point to seven out is only a bit over 8 rolls! These two facts alone is why the game exists to take your money. Add to that in the not so long run the pass % on the 6 and 8 is only 45.45% and dont pass 54.54%. The 5 and 9 pass% is 40% and no pass 60%. The pass % on the 4 and 10 is 33.33% and the dont pass is a staggering 66.67!!! of course there is always "variance" by session but the cold hard math will eat you alive in the not so long run! The seven is King! and is why the game exists! I love the "7" Best of Luck at the tables!

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