Live Craps at Century Casino Playing with Jeremy from Color Up – Monster Roll by Slambright!

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Me and Jeremy from Color Up take on the tables in Central City – Century Casino. Incredible table action that started slow but finished with a huge roll by Slambright!

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Live Craps at Century Casino Playing with Jeremy from Color Up – Monster Roll by Slambright!

10 thoughts on “Live Craps at Century Casino Playing with Jeremy from Color Up – Monster Roll by Slambright!

  1. From cold to HOT, great video, many thanks to you and Century Casino, Slam needs to change his profile pic after that roll!

  2. Wow that was an awesome roll by Mr. Slambright. Very impressive indeed. Great video and congrats on all of your success with the channel Rick!! I was probably one of your first 25 subscribers and it's been just amazing watching you grow and grow!! Keep up the great work my friend!!

  3. You should be up to green chips on the numbers, your not aggressive enough, chicken bad

  4. Can you say ice cold? That's what that table was the first 20 minutes. My Pass/Come system would have hit one number and been down over $600. Then it all turned around. At the end of the tape I would have been up $1050! I would have made about $1700 on a 20 minute roll! After that I would have colored out and had myself a nice steak! Eaten with a big smile on my face! If I caught a roll like that, and he rolled for an hour, considering my bets would have only gotten larger, I'd make seven or eight grand, and ten grand would not be out of the question! Gives me something to shoot for next time I'm in the casino. Great clip! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Incredible roll by slambright! Make sure to hit that thumbs up and leave a comment. It helps me in the youtube algorythm.

  6. Slambright would be fun to play with! Love his enthusiasm. Anyone going to Vegas this weekend?

  7. Made $100 dollars the way I play. Considering I was down almost a thousand at one time in the game, walking away with $100 bucks is a HUGE comeback and WIN.

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