LONGEST LIVE TABLE CRAPS ROLL ON YOUTUBE To date – Live Craps at Century Casino

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LONGEST LIVE TABLE CRAPS ROLL ON YOUTUBE To date – Live Craps at Century Casino

10 thoughts on “LONGEST LIVE TABLE CRAPS ROLL ON YOUTUBE To date – Live Craps at Century Casino

  1. I'm not sure I'd be able to leave to go to the bathroom like that guy at 30:40. I might just pee my pants. πŸ˜›

  2. Rick I'm still waiting for someone to catch you throwing over 100 times or to get the word record. i won't live forever rick so could you please hurry up.

  3. @Let in Roll Can you explain the 1-11, above the Horn bets, below the hop bets? What's that for…? I noticed he moved it when a 7 was rolled. Never saw it before. Also, what about the 1-8 on each side at the very top of the hop bets?!?! Thanks!

  4. Saw this on Color Up's channel. Nice to see it from the other end of the table. Awesome roll LIT!

  5. You know what the odds are of what just happened? I’ve seen some half decent heater in my almost 40 year of throwing the bones but this is ridiculous. The weirded thing I ever saw was a lady who rolled a β€œ9” about 10 times in 12 rolls. You should have seen the $$$ on it after about the 5th time.

  6. That was not the longest on youtube.. Maybe time wise but not rolling.. I have seen much longer

  7. What's the max odds behind the line there? I can't believe noone pressed the pass & maxed the odds. A dream roll

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