Making a craps table part 5

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Making a craps table part 5

10 thoughts on “Making a craps table part 5

  1. Thanks BT. I'm just getting started at Craps but it makes sense what you say about needing a practice table to get good at dice control. My table build from watching your videos is under way & I'm hoping to finish the new practice rig this weekend! Thanks again for taking the time to post the videos. I would have never thought I could build my own table but it's coming out great!

  2. I made a table based on your videos!!! Thank you! I just came back from vegas. I came home with $1700 more than I left with your lessons!!! Thank you Mr. Bone Zone!!!

  3. Table turned out beautiful. going to build a practice table about 3 foot that's about all the room I have set it up on the end of a dining room table don't have a garage or extra room but I want to be able to practice. 42 in wide like you're saying put a piece of felt and start throwing

  4. BT Sorry I'm not familiar with black wool layer your talking about. if I asked someone in material area @ Walmart would they know what I'm talking about?

  5. Hey brother, when putting down the layout do you just stretch it out super tight to get all the wrinkles out? Any trick to how loose or tight to stretch it? Fixing to put mine down.. thanks again for all the videos BT, learning alot from you brother!!! Send you a pic of my table when finished!!!

  6. You are the go to man on the game of craps! I am currently building me a practice table. How thick is the felt that you use and where did you get yours at? Is it ok to use synthetic felt or do I need to buy the real thing?
    Thanks Bone Thrower.

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