Dice Advice – New Series – Craps Strategy

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Dice Advice – New Series – Craps Strategy
Dice Advice is a new series by color up. In Dice Advice I will show viewer submitted strategies and roll them. In Season 1 Episode 1 I show the 6 8 Press. This is a craps strategy that uses the field bet to press the 6 and 8 up. Thank you to Scott V. for the strategy.

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Dice Advice – New Series – Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Dice Advice – New Series – Craps Strategy

  1. I really love your channel, I like your approach to learning the game. I am using a hybrid system where I try to get 3 hits on the inside numbers, then regress to the 6 and 8 and working in come bets – what you call the "6-8 Come Again." This allows you to lock in a win on that shooter, but gives you a chance to win bigger if the roll continues.

  2. Play 44 inside place bet play pass line 10 no odds and play the field every roll. Field will play for craps and non place numbers

  3. Here's how I have been playing:
    Two units on the Pass and one on Field
    After point is established, One unit on 4 and 10, two on 5 and 9 and four units on the 6 and 8. If it's a 6 or 8 I go 5x odds. If it's a 5 or 9, I go 1x odds.
    If the 4, 10, 5 or 9 hit, I bump the 6 and 8 up 1 unit. If the 6 or 8 hit, I bump the 6, 8 AND whatever other numbers are off the original bet (10 and 4 = 1 unit, 5 and 9 = 2 units).

    Rinse and repeat.

  4. Do you mind doing a video where you start off with 42$ and lower your bet a unit every hit

  5. So basically a iron cross to bump up the 6 and 8?? What a horrible strategy. No offense to anyone who likes playing this way but it's smarter to just play the iron cross an come down after a few rolls. Take your winnings and secure your investment. I'm just saying

  6. I hate press systems like this especially with the field involved.  They usually go something like: Press, press, push (field), lose. Even when you get a few rolls you make peanuts.

  7. hmm , this would only work for really good rolls and they dont come that often. i think similar to your ironcross if we can maybe retract all our bets after say 5 rolls, this strategy may help us better? I have been following your videos and i must say i am def on a winning streak :), so thank you for that. When the table is bad like you consistently see sloppy rollers, i play the dark side – wait for a couple of rolls and then bet on the no 4 or no 10, and when you see someone with a big stack and throwing some good dice i play the iron cross, when i am up 300 or so i leave the casino , this has helped me and i am currently +1000 from my previous visits 🙂

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