10 thoughts on “Meet and Greet – play craps with Color Up

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the videos. I enjoyed the hedge six eight as well as the six eight come again. I practiced my own simulations using those two, then went the casino three different times. All three times I left with a profit. I know it can swing the other way, but with these strategies, the risk is very little!

  2. Have you ever played in any Oklahoma Casinos? .. Hard Rock Tulsa is a cool place.

  3. Jeremy your boy Ohio Player Mikel, you promise me a crapless strategy do your magic lol

  4. I live in Colorado springs if you ever thought about going to cripple Creek.and if I'm ever off when you're doing your meet and greets I'll come and say hi.

  5. Thanks for the vid! I though they had dice tables in Tampa Fl. my friend always plays craps and came back with a load of money. But he won it at a poker LOL you are right no dice tables or roulette. But they are building a big hotel maybe they will get the tables then.I'm not understanding why they don't have them .

  6. So are you still doing the Saratoga, Blackhawk gig tomorrow @ 11:00-A.M. Sir? I'm really lookin' forward to the meet & greet with you (& others that might be joining in) as well! I'm still learning Craps – – so about how much do you suggest to bring as far as a Bankroll goes please?

    The old saying goes: "What's up buttercup?" – – I guess we ought to change that to: "What's up Color Up?" L.o.L.! See ya' in the morrow Pally!

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