Craps table session with Friends

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craps with friends makes the game fun and interesting. seeing different strategies on the same roll gives each one a perspective

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Craps table session with Friends

9 thoughts on “Craps table session with Friends

  1. Yo Press I really like this format. This would be a good addition to your mix of videos, I dig the long group sesh.

    What may help with keeping your craps stick out of the way – buy a couple screw in hooks and have them on the outside of the table, in the center, on both sides. Keeps the stick out of the way yet keeps it real accessible. Did this on my table and it works real well.

    Great videos dude!

  2. I noticed how conservatively you were playing bro. Glad you stopped mid roll to explain that taking down place bets was an option. One of your best videos yet. The camera angle was excellent by the way πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. the 3 man video was great. please more this type. get to see different strategies and liked the way u moved it along fast. loved the way u played your roll why any other way to play….. ?? i say none……………….any thought to bump your dc up to 30 or 35 after 6 0r 7 rolls ?

  4. Yo cool video man looks like you guys are having fun and practicing too. What's the bet that Scott made when those snake eyes came, which numbers do they cover, what's the pay out and how do you make that bet, what do you say to the dealer?

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