“RackTheBlack $220 Regression” Craps Nation Tutorials & Strategies

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How to play craps nation strategies & tutorials in 2020 – 2021

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DIY Do it yourself Step by step just like pewdiepie or mrbeast does. Make your own strategies using my smart techniques and incorporate your own styles to create your very own strategy. Learn to become mobile and play and learn the game of craps right from your van or car. Also learn survival and building techniques.

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“RackTheBlack $220 Regression” Craps Nation Tutorials & Strategies

5 thoughts on ““RackTheBlack $220 Regression” Craps Nation Tutorials & Strategies

  1. Congratulations Vince. You finally learned the get in, win 10 – 20%, get out. Are you there to win $$ or to play the game ? Playing too long will grind you down. Maybe take a break and come back later in the day with $100 and play your heart out.

  2. glad to see you guys doing videos again. I think the only thing I would do different is to put $25 on the field you missed out on a lot of money you rolled a lot of 4's and 10's.

  3. U did a strategy of the labrouche system on the 4 and 10 a year or so ago , could u do that again

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