Talking Craps: Hawaii Culture and Craps

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Talking Craps: Hawaii Culture and Craps!

The Hawaiian Craps Shooters Team will talk about recent trips to Las Vegas, betting strategies and becoming one of the fastest growing YouTube channels on the game of Craps!

Mel from Craps Hawaii will take us into the classroom where he’s been teaching the fundamentals of some of his most successful strategies.

Pauly P will be back to talk about discipline and fear!

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Talking Craps:  Hawaii Culture and Craps

8 thoughts on “Talking Craps: Hawaii Culture and Craps

  1. Thanks David, what a great show sir !!!!!!!! I truly appreciate you asking my question to Mar, God bless you sir.

  2. Hi Dave…sorry I missed the live show…Great interviews. I wonder if PaulyP has a Defcon4 level?

  3. This interview was like a soothing bowl of hot chicken soup on a cold day. You knocked another one out the park with this one. keep up the good work.

  4. I'm totally amazed there are no casinos in Hawaii with all the tourist traffic and the Resorts… MIND BLOWING!!!

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