Why Craps players lose 16% of their money?

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If the game of craps offers such great odds for the player, or low house edge bets, Why does the casino hold, or keep, nearly 16% of all craps players money? This video will look at the 3 reasons I think craps players lose 16% to the casino.

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Why Craps players lose 16% of their money?

10 thoughts on “Why Craps players lose 16% of their money?

  1. Great video as always, Jeremy.
    We don't have the ATS at any of the places I play at, but we do have the Fire Bet….and I don't play it. I also avoid the prop bets as a rule unless I throw a couple of bucks on a hard 6 and 8 for the dealer's as a tip once in a while. I stick to the front line and place bets because I know better, which is on no small part thanks to your channel Jeremy. 😉 I did the same back when I first dabbled in craps many years ago but that was simply because I just didn't understand the middle of the table. When I returned to the game over a year ago, it was after watching many vids and learning…strats, money mgmt, etc.
    What amazes me is what you see going on at the table and some of the plain silliness…but it isn't my place to tell people how to spend their dollars. But what I will do, and this happens a lot, is tell the first timers who walk up to a table… usually drunk…to go away and learn (I refer them here 😉) first because you will get slaughtered if you don't. I do this not only because it annoys me that they don't know table etiquette and will interrupt a roll, but also I hope to save them some money when they walk up and say, loudly, "OKAY….HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS GAME?!?"
    Sometimes they listen, most times they don't…and a fool and his or her money are soon parted.

  2. On Roll to Win electronic table, the hot shooter bet pays 3:1 if the shooter makes it to 16th roll, which is 11% chance, giving about 66% house edge if I calculated it correctly.

  3. Great Video Jeremy. I think the 16% directly relates to the players mostly playing against the 7, which comes 16% of the time. I think if you asked 1000 players how they play, 90+% will say light side. Which means that 16% of the time they have their money out on the light side, they are losing. All the factors you mentioned are absolutely true as well. Most gamblers never have enough bankroll to play the table minimum they play regularly. It's the nature of gambling. Players tend to think they have a way to skew the odds in their favor and don't think they are subject to the variance. A few other things I have personally noticed are players don't know when to "attack" or "retreat" as I will call it. What I am saying is players tend to miss out on the "long" profitable rolls because of the looming fear of the 7, or they are too aggressive (usually with pressing up their profits too much) that they don't collect on the winning rolls because it is reinvested.
    Being a consistently profitable player at craps is very much dependent on things that have nothing to do with the rolls of the dice. A player that really knows the game may lose all the time because they have little discipline, or a player that has never played may win a bunch at first because they bet a big bet, hit it and walk away. (Example "field chunk bettors")
    In my opinion craps comes down to 3 simple things, "Proper Bankroll", "Discipline", and for game play, sticking to "Probability Advantage". Because I think if you have the bankroll and discipline, playing with the most chances to win per roll should make you profitable most of the time.

    Anyway, great video and I love the UNLV site too. There is a ton of good stuff on there. I hope you and your family are well and Dice Con was DOPE. Great job again!!!

  4. Very good advice, saw it this weekend, this guy went to the ATM twice! I always play with a win goal and stop loss. And, for this weekend I went home even, but, had a great time entertaining myself.

  5. they may claim they have 0% edge of odds bets but in order to win you have to make the point so the same 1.41% house edge really applies to the odds bet,, cant win it without the house edge losing on that roll,,

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