1 Million Dollar Baccarat: Session 11 – $1,100.50

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Session 11:
Bet Size – $11
Outcome: +$19.80
Bankroll: $1,120.30

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Hi everyone, welcome to 1 Million Dollar Baccarat (1MDBaccarat, not to be confused with the other 1MDB).

Why $1 Million? Because if we start with a $1,000 bankroll and win 2% compounded daily for 365 days, that will compound into $1.3M.

I kick-started this project to test my strategy, money management and most importantly, self-control.

There will be many factors such as banker commissions, days that I am busy and can’t play etc, but still, I will be as transparent as possible, to show both my winning days and losing days, to see if I can achieve $ 1 Million dollars in the year 2021.

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1 Million Dollar Baccarat: Session 11 – $1,100.50