$15 to Table Limit!! Triple Lux Craps System – Part 4

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$15 to Table Limit!! Triple Lux Craps System – Part 4

10 thoughts on “$15 to Table Limit!! Triple Lux Craps System – Part 4

  1. Where do I get the worksheets? I was just in Vegas and noticed when drinking i forgot what to do lol.

  2. From a guy that normally buys in for between 1 and $300 bucks, I can't imagine having a $450 bet out there. God willing, one day, I'll find that roll on my $5 tables.

  3. 5/9 you can go from 15-40-90 and get paid $126, or go straight to 200 from there. then 450. Feeling froggy next is 1k so 6 hits and you can collecting $1,400..

  4. David when you get to the five hundred payoff for the next hit. Many times the dealers do not have 500 dollar cheques available. Is there house policy for not moving the player up in high paying cheques,

    they are not even in some racks??

  5. Love your table – lots of happy happy numbers no sevens anywhere ? GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY ✌️

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