8 thoughts on “$154 Inside Craps Strategy #Craps, #craps Strategy

  1. Hey Ed. Beautiful tosses as always. Youve got a great touch with the dice my friend. Good stuff.

  2. Now, THAT'S the way to do it, Sir!! Make those dice " get down, lay down, & stay down" on that Neoprene.
    Excellent Controlled Shooting!!!🔥🎯
    Continue to keep em 🎲🎲 Married, whilst tossing on THE BEAST! ( Neoprene)

  3. Thank for this video, do you like full pressing every other win more than half pressing every win, and why explain pls?

  4. Edd did you change you underlay? I don't believe they bonce as much as they were when you first started playing on you new table.

  5. Hello Ed, Great video again, you got me thinking about my progression on my place bets, I also want to go for it after I get my money back in the rack, starting out as a new shooter with a small bankroll, say $3000 what would you suggest as a good progression on a control shooter and at what point would you regress or go for broke. I`m thinking 30 60 120 240 480, or is this to aggressive.

  6. When you were first beginning and had practiced at home a lot, did you ever make minimum bets in the casino to use the session as a practice session?

  7. i really like your betting strategy but at what roll number do you make a big regression on a single number . say when you hit a $800 number,

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