How To Crush Poker Tournametns: ICM

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Nick Petrangelo has won more than $17 MILLION playing poker, and today he’s here to break down the misunderstood concept of ICM. Throughout different stags of poker tournaments, not all chips are created equal!

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How To Crush Poker Tournametns: ICM

10 thoughts on “How To Crush Poker Tournametns: ICM

  1. Do you agree with these tournament #'s? Win 1-2%. Min cash 12-15%. El busto 85%. Your pedigree is impressive curious to get your thoughts on this. Heard that from Eric Siedel interview I thinks?

  2. ive been in some Knarly Pressure games where no one has made a move for what would almost be 10+ hands in some cases. Where everyone was folding to raises. Its interesting to hear you explain this after Ive been in a few.

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