2 ways to lose craps strategy

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Lose only on a easy 4 break even on a 7 or a hard 4 break even. Seems like not a lot of risk but you never know what the dice will do. The question is can you make enough profit before the easy 4 beats you ?????

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2 ways to lose craps strategy

7 thoughts on “2 ways to lose craps strategy

  1. The vig on a lay 4 or 10 is 5% of the winnings, not 5% of the bet. It would have been a $5 vig for a $200 lay on the 4, not $10. If this was a buy bet, it would be $10 vig for the $200 buy.

  2. Maybe try same with 54 across and half press. Didn't seem like you hit random average for 6 and 8 though. With the 5 adjustment for vig and 54 instead of 60 the 7 actually pays 11. Cheers I subscribed to your channel…

  3. I like it. I would be working on the lay bet only, on the come-out roll. This would make the popular 7 a $100 winner minus the $5 vig.

  4. I like adding the Hard Way to give you just 2 combinations that lose. I Layed against the 4 last night and it nailed me. So yeah, it can go ugly.

  5. Hey you could be making money on every roll. If you just put a dollar each on the easy fives and 17 in the field you be getting like $15 every single throw and then double on your midnight and aces period and you've only increased your risk by what like $15 or something like that

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