LLinusLLove v TonyG | GTO v Maniac

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Analysis of two hands played at the Triton high roller cash game in Montenegro.

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LLinusLLove v TonyG | GTO v Maniac

10 thoughts on “LLinusLLove v TonyG | GTO v Maniac

  1. On the monotone board, should a small flush raise to protect against higher one card flush draws?

  2. Great content! Cheers. At 4:30 you mentioned a video explaining your hand analysis system. Do you have a link to that? Cheers

  3. I understand Tony G's upset . The dealer should have put an ace instead ! That would have been more fun!😂.

  4. Tony blaming the dealer is so lovein annoying

    How does no one ever call him on that!!

    Shut the love up….

  5. I love how it's the russians trying to get everyone to drink more. It's hugely plus EV for the russians when everyone gets drunk since alcohol already ran in their slavic blood since birth

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