$2000 Quest Session 7 Low Roller Series Stearn 2.0 Craps Strategy One-Two-Shift Betting Pattern

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The quest is for $2000 using the Low Roller Series with the Stearn 2.0. Session 7 is about adapting our strategy to keep our bankroll safe while still trying to be aggressive at the right times. I will be introducing two new tools. “One- two-shift” is a betting pattern that will be demonstrated during this session. We will also be doing a Parlay Delay. Will these evolutions help us get to the $2000 goal or will we continue to go backwards?

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$2000 Quest Session 7 Low Roller Series Stearn 2.0 Craps Strategy One-Two-Shift Betting Pattern

7 thoughts on “$2000 Quest Session 7 Low Roller Series Stearn 2.0 Craps Strategy One-Two-Shift Betting Pattern

  1. If u ask me honestly you should have stuck with what u had started with ..changing the strategies in middle will never yield results…. That way we cant ascertain if the way u were playing earlier was better or this one… Trials should be independent so that comparisons are far more accurate and clear.. Mixing them up mid way will only confuse.

    Also this reduces the viewer interest due to confusions… Think of it this way a new subscriber sees this video 1st what will be his understanding. He probably will lose faith in this however i believe that this can workout better and this play with few tweaks has a lot of merit

  2. I like the changing thing, from pass to don't pass. When Stearn told Martingale that he was changing his system, a shot was fired. It was like a "Hatfields and Macoys of the gambling world.
    More on this later….

  3. Used your strategy " just the don't pass side" on Sat the 6th of Feb. We have a 5 dollar table near me so I started with a $100 bank Roll " Im a low roller" You get a lot of funny looks just being disciplined and staying on task when you are playing the dark side. I had a goal of doubling my money and I would walk away. In a hour I made $125.00 profit in this session and walked away. I like this strategy and there are some butt puckering moments when you start having to put bigger dollar amounts out. I know you cant win all the time but it is sure nice to be able to be at the table for more than an hour and still have some bankroll as a small time player. Keep up the good work.

  4. Whoa! Is that Chris on the Pass Line?
    All the switching can have it look like your chasing, or maybe a your a genius? ONE switch per session, and then stay for a rebound and get out! Read a warm table and move to the Pass Line, then play it out. Or start on the Pass line if the 'Light Side' bettors are happy. I've had decent results with this: same progression, make 'same bets' on the come out (whatever the step), place single odds on the point if your at least +1 in bet wins on the come out. Odds on a second pass are where this starts to break down. Also, if you have some garbage rollers at the table (5 come out rolls, then point 7) you need to pull. If you're winning odds bets, you can cash in. Remember to reset to Step 1 after an odds win. You can also reset after two wins in a row (7,11, then x1 odds @ $25).

  5. I wouldn't move up if I won the first don't then lost to a come out loser; just start over with the same bet with the saved money.

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