10 thoughts on “Any Craps Strategy with the 5-6 3-5 dice set

  1. Ain't that the way, you play for something, and they disappear. Usually hear you singing "Midnight" on a regular!

  2. Waylon would this system work using Horn Bets that are also single roll bets but pay 15 to one on a hit?

  3. Hey Waylon, I like strategies like this. Can you post the progression that you follow? Thanks. And like a few have said, you were TRYING to roll craps numbers and they were no where to be found! In all your other videos, they seemed to show up left and right. SMH! These dice are funny!

  4. this is a nice strategy, i like how you have a wide variety. i watched this a few times and still couldn't follow the levels, must be me. maybe you could share like level 1 is $10@6 rolls then lost it from their. i know its me. will watch it again on diff day to get ahold of the structure. really liked the dice twist you shared from your dads abilities. thanks again for assisting the craps community with options. most ppl wouldn't freely share their money making strategies for free just shows how brotherly you really are.

  5. I think you changed sets for this video, I think that is why they quit coming you always roll shockers, and midnight ..I would say play your normal Waylon's way, but add the horn as a separate way to pad your stack, and I would use that 65 64 set or y0 / 3 set, I am wondering why you used 5 6. 3 5 ?

  6. Thanks Waylon, again this should work almost as well with random rollers, although your rollout today was more random in outcomes than usual. I can see how this would do really well with one of your more typical rollouts. Cheers. Rob

  7. Saw your comment on north florida craps on vinA`s 48. That doubling up on outside numbers comment you had on Crapless , would also work pretty well on regular craps table ; just a little handicapped on replacing HORN bets. Can also bet on the COME , for the 7 coming (enough to cover table bets 16 $ escalated can get expensive , but hopefully youncan/WILL hit some of those come bets YOU'RE putting out for the seven. YOU WILL PROFIT GREATLY ! ( if not, you had fun) !

  8. 20 rolls before hitting a 2,3, or 12. $820 invested at that point and paid $840 plus the return of the $120 bet on that 20th roll. I have been trying over and over to get to 20 rolls without hitting a 2,3, or 12 and so far have not been able to do it. I know it can and will happen but not very often. 6 rolls at the level 1 $15, 3 rolls level 2 $20, 2 rolls level 3 $30, 2 rolls level 4 $40, then 1 roll each at $50, $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, then up $20 to $120 on the 20th roll. (I was intereted in the progression and some people asked so sharing.) Not sure what happens on the rolls after 20. Thanks Waylon.

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