Best Craps Strategy ( DGE )

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If you have a system to play: i’ll play it. If you have a specific bankroll or table min request; i’ll play it. Just comment or email me. Drunk Guy Explains approves this message.Comment with your suggestions and question and potentially be featured in an upcoming episode!


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Best Craps Strategy ( DGE )

7 thoughts on “Best Craps Strategy ( DGE )

  1. Thanks Charlie! good Video. The wife was shooting today at the house (10 foot home build table to local (3 hour Drive) casino specs) she rolled a 31 roll hand and a point 7 and a 22 roll hand.

    I didn't shoot today as my back and neck are messing with me too much. I did just the 4/10 and field and fire bet counter and started betting on the 4/10 lay after 3 of them and did the same on the field…..I knew what she was setting and how she shoots. so that helps in that decision. I did bet the 6/8 after a Seven and a 5/9 was established for a single hit within 3 rolls. made money only had to fo to the second progression on the 4/10 and the field one time. I am naturally a grinding type player even when I shoot so this is perfect for me and as my health conditions gets worse I am shooting less and less.

    We don't go to the casino for entertainment but to as you put it…….Make some Muther Truckin Money 😉 I play at 5 and ten dollar tables so i need to learn the minimums that I can Lay and adjust to that. I never played any don't side till just this year because I always have had a good Dice throw and just bet on myself and grinding on the 6/8 for one hit and down on others.

    Again i want to thank you as this is great info and very helpful.. I am the person who sent you a message a few days ago too on facebook incase you were wondering who it was 😉 looking forward to your next video.

  2. I'm interested in your opinion…Say the 4 or/and the 10 have appeared twice and the count of non 4/10 rolls is 10, I'll make the lay/s. Same for 1 appearance at 15 non 4/10 rolls.

  3. some stats from my online games, logged 5100 points/hands…..the 4 has made it to 8th street once, the 10 has gone to 7th street once(twice ~~~>) and 8th street once.

  4. This Martingale strategy was invented over 300 years ago and has devastated more bank rolls than all others combined. While it's fun to kick around and play with at home, in the real world of gambling, with real money, it can become, well devastating. And usually does. Example: In craps it's highly conceivable that a field bet doesn't hit after 6 rolls in a row some where down the line. Right? Very possible. In such a situation Martingaling, you have started out trying to win a mere $10 but now have $560 invested and on the sixth roll of the field bet you must bet an additional $585 to basically break even. How does that sound to you? How do you think that would feel to you? Would your head be spinning at this point? Having just lost $560 while trying to win a $10 bet, you find yourself now putting back on the field another $585 hoping that it hits to basically break even. Remember, the dice have no memory of previous rolls and a non field number could easily come up as any other. How would you feel then if you lost? You've bet $1,145 trying to win a profit of $10 at this point! Would you be willing to pull out of your pocket and bet an additional $1,145 and bet it on the field, again, to try and break even? Get back that $1,145 you've already lost. Wouldn't you feel kind of stupid and angry at yourself for getting yourself into this situation? My story doesn't end here though. One more thing. What would you do if you then…lost that bet too! Welcome to the Martingale system.

  5. For your "fire bet" martingale, I think I understand that you make your first pass/no pass with 40 don't odds after 3 unique points. Do you take the odds if the 4th point is not unique? If that 4th point is made do you increase to the next level regardless of what the next point is or only if it is unique (a la the fire bet)?

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