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Best roulette strategy according to Jay. This is the best roulette strategy ever and is considered the greatest roulette strategy in the world. It can be played in a casino, online or on a roulette machine. It’s a roulette strategy to win along with being the best roulette system. Could it be the best roulette system ever? I think so.

Welcome to MAKESHIFT SHOWS YouTube Channel. WE SPECIALIZE in helping you win more money than ever. Be sure to Subscribe and ring that bell. We have Roulette strategies that win. Please remember that this channel only demonstrates bet strategies and there is nothing contained herein that constitutes a guarantee of winning. This YouTube channel maintains no responsibility of money lost while gambling with these strategies. this channel is for educational purposes only.

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Have you ever wanted to make money playing roulette? Today’s your lucky day. We deliver the best roulette strategy ever.
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  1. I love permutations. I never tried a 6 color permutation so I look forward to thiss

  2. The only way to beat roulette is with "Rouletronic" software. This is not just another computer program, but a completely original philosophy that allows you to play roulette in the long run. Check "Rouletronic" in Google search.

  3. I use this permutation often, and I still have losing streaks where I have nearly lost my entire bankroll. In my opinion and from experience, chasing the winner is less risky.

  4. Thanks for trying it out. You need a paper with red black red red black black on it and put a 1 beside the color you just bet on so you can keep track, you got off kilter but still won. Reminder, work threw the sequence color by color in the same order. Win bet 1 dollar, lose double bet. (same if hit green 0, just go to next color and double bet) I won 4000.00 dollars this way and then finally hit the table max of 500.00 and then lost 512.00, but it took a long time, i think that was double bet 8 or 9 times, cant remember. It can and does happen. Also to all reading this, if you start with anything more then 1 dollar bet you get less chances to double until you hit the table max, and it does happen. If there was a table with 500,000.00 max bet or no limit bet they you could make money every day for life, because you would eventually hit a win and whatever your bet was, your still up a dollar because you double every lose.

  5. First time I tired this, worked really well UNTIL the end. Lost 17 spins in a row, martingales killed my winnings and bankroll. NOW stopping at 5 martingales no matter what and using 3 or 4 strategies at once. Good luck $$$

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