Betting the Favorite (7) to Win at Craps

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The 7 is the betting favorite over every number in craps. It is a 2:1 favorite if you make a lay bet against the 4 as there are 6 ways to roll a 7 and only 3 ways to roll a 4. With today’s dice advice from DiceDegen we see if this strategy works out. He calls this the velveteen rabbit.
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Betting the Favorite (7) to Win at Craps

10 thoughts on “Betting the Favorite (7) to Win at Craps

  1. I know it has a high house edge, but could it be worth it in this case hedging with $7 or $8 on hardway 4?

  2. Good strategy!! What is the changes are back to back rolling 4 ???.. I mean when 4 comes i would. Bet $ 100 on 5 $ 120 on 6&8 and field bet $ 50 lay on 4 $ 800 only 1 roll. Any numbers come win except 4 . Very very low risk to loose.

  3. It's a good strat, although not very exciting. Good for when you are tired and not paying much attention.

  4. The guys at Casinoquest suggest a similar strategy but with 30 on each the 6 & 8. Not risking the lay to only win half. Only on the come out roll tho

  5. Can you try this strategy I call 4 roll quick money. This strategy is you betting on yourself. Minimum bet on pass to roll, after point set 650 across (100(4&10), 100(5&9), 120(6&8) and $10 for buy 10&4. If inside number hit you press(payout 140) 110 inside number. Next roll any number hit you press 162 across. Next roll any number you collected and off all bet. You should be up 500+. Go home.

  6. I do this same strategy but I work the COME OUT ONLY! As soon as a point is established I bring my bet down…I looking for 7's on the COME OUT ROLL

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