10 thoughts on “Bonus Craps $5.00 “Grinders Press” Strategy (Conservative Play Part 2)

  1. You know you're getting important on YT when they start putting ads in your videos. LOL!!

  2. Thanks for another great video. Been playing it on Wizard of Odds and it is a real moneymaker. Any reason not to start off with a DP and repeat on come outs? Sure are thinking outside the box.

  3. Hey Vince, any reason not to start on the Don’t Pass? I get it we’d lose everything on a natural 7 on the come out, but it’s the same if you PSO with your first DP too?

  4. Either drop $15 for $50 if you want all $25 chips. Or, simply replace your Don't Come with $25 in red chips.

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