Building an $8K Bankroll, Part 4

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In this video the 2 dont plus continuous come bets proves yet again its a solid play. This is a very different session to last with a very hot shooter. A great example of how the strategy transitions to light side and very sparing use of a lay bet to provide some cover when needed.

Despite some fatigue induced coloring up errors we make a nice overall $482 session profit.

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Building an $8K Bankroll, Part 4

4 thoughts on “Building an $8K Bankroll, Part 4

  1. Dive were good to you this session. I expect a choppy table in the coming sessions. As always, I really enjoy watching your videos

  2. Thanks Andrew, I think “robust” sums up this strategy pretty well, you pretty well need a series of shooters that only repeat your don’t bets, to have a disaster. Sure that can and will happen on occasion, but most of the time this strategy should profit. I’m sorry, but I had to chuckle at a mathematician struggling to accurately count chips. We have the occasional brain fade, trust me it happens more and more as you get older. Cheers. Rob

  3. Good reading the table and going with the flow. (I may be wagering on the Brisbane Truck Show Tails Stakes in a bit. LOL).

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