Texas Holdem – Player Stalking Demonstration (Poker Edge)

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If you play Online Poker this is a MUST SEE. Poker-Edge stalks your opponents for you, showing you their weaknesses and playing style. Over 2 Million players are tracked, across over 100 poker rooms. Free Download! http://www.poker-edge.com

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Texas Holdem – Player Stalking Demonstration (Poker Edge)

10 thoughts on “Texas Holdem – Player Stalking Demonstration (Poker Edge)

  1. LAME! For that calculation and thinking I don't need this bad. Every time he has "good" start hands, and hits the Flop very well! Show that tool with bad start hands, or with stronger enemies!!!

  2. The difference between this and PokerTracker is, as far as I see it, that on PT you collate the hand histories yourself and have access to the database that you put together but with this all hand histories are emailed to a central database which means that you benefit from hand histories that you were not involved in. I think this is where PokerStars draw the line and say that PT is OK because that is derived from your own play but this software isn't and that is why they ban it.

  3. im sure this software is good but this is not a good video since u won every time extremely unrealistic and the last hand was played retardedly

  4. No country has laws against using Poker Edge. But it is against the T&C of some Poker rooms to run this software.

  5. any1 wanna send me a few dollers on poker stars..lost my job so cant play..any1 halp..noting to small..username grinchy01..

  6. If you're in the dark without using these types of programs than you're a donk. It will make it difficult for u live. Rely on your senses and yourself. Online players can change their game at anytime regardless of what they're listed under. Hey they may even use that as strategy like someone who plays like Daniel nugranu.

  7. @RightAboutit Watch I thought so too, but watch"nanonoko" play, he is using some type of stat tracking and is sponsered by PS, also does instructional videos for pokerstars….lol.

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