Casino Craps “THE BIDEN EFFECT” (Part 4)

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Casino Craps “THE BIDEN EFFECT” (Part 4)

7 thoughts on “Casino Craps “THE BIDEN EFFECT” (Part 4)

  1. Vinny, it was Waylon's strategy he posted with the title "The One".
    I was curious about the other # sets too that would be cool if you run them through too.
    And maybe you can show the results on what a $5 unit looks like with a $1500 bankroll instead of $50? Something more realistic to where people are going to try this especially on a bubble craps, probably would test it with smaller bankroll and $3 unit

  2. I'm very intrigued, do you know if you can lay and place bets on the same number on those bubble craps machines? The one in my city doesn't have the individual dice just 1 set for everyone to share so I guess worse case you could play 2 machines side by side

  3. yes Vinnie please run the other 5/9 6/8 lay versions and maybe a lay 5/9 place/buy 4/10 and lay 6/8 place/buy 5/9 and lay 5/9 place 6/8 all those versions since my single bubble craps machine here doesn't let you buy/place the same lay number….if you don;t mind all that work….Thanks….Peace….

  4. Vince if this is not a winner I don’t know what is up ($30,000) at the end of day all systems fail at some point
    , I think you owe Mr Waylon an apology . Thanks for the video and the efforts .

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