5 Underrated Poker Hands You Should Play More

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These are the top 5 most underrated poker hands that you need to play more. All pros know to play these hands!

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5 Underrated Poker Hands You Should Play More

10 thoughts on “5 Underrated Poker Hands You Should Play More

  1. What hands do you think are the most underrated? Also, I am calling out TOXIC poker players: https://youtu.be/m4Li-65imqw

  2. Charts are a bit tight.
    Even a novice can win more money playing a few more hands.
    VPIP 30+ seems optimal, especially in bigger buyin games.

  3. J4 isn't on your preflop charts?
    I mean Robbi does play high stakes so I guess she knows best 🤷

  4. I have a hate/hate relationship with QJ. I named it "pocket kickers" because either card is always someone else's kicker. It's tough to get a good price to chase what's usually a gut shot. That's going to involve broadway cards on the board, making big hands and therefore big bets and bad math.

  5. Well, you're not wrong about these hands but who in the world isn't playing suited connectors, pocket pairs, suited aces, and suited broadway hands?

  6. Everything sounds great, except the A7 suited. Just my opinion. I won't play anything besides A through 5 suited, and A through 10-K suited. I see your point with the flop presented, but if you hit an 8o, you are beat by 10/7o. However I see your point as well, and I would say it depends on the make up of the game and who's sitting with you. Thanks for all the valuable info. Headed from Reno to Vegas next week to play Aria, maybe Wynn. Dad taught me the game when I was about 8 years old. I'm almost 50 now, but never considered it as a full time profession. They say Keep your Day Job till your Night Job Pays. But even then, having either residual income always coming in, or a full-time job is probably the most secure way to be, with poker as a side hustle. I know people that quit the game not because they were losing but because of the recent cheating allegations and shady behavior being outted over the last few years. To each their own. Good luck to you always on the felt, and thanks for the videos. BTW: Pocket 8's are my favorite hand next to 89s at the 5/10 level.

  7. Thank you for all the great tips Nathan. You are a legend and your tips have improved my play significantly. I like play LAG especially late position and make life difficult on my opponents with different float plays and semi bluff raises. Really seems to work good for me as it really forces my opponent to come up with a good hand to continue against the pressure. I like A2s the best because when I hit two pair or better and especially trip 2s or the wheel always seems to pay well as they have trouble believing I would have one of those hands.

  8. K96 skittles holding 78s does not have 8 outs to the nut straight. It is still vulnerable to JQx if a T hits.
    How nitty are the players in the game that aren’t playing the hands suggested here?

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