Starting A $20,000 Session with an ACE HIGH HERO CALL! | Poker Vlog #485

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Personal Vlog (Ethan Yau)

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Starting A $20,000 Session with an ACE HIGH HERO CALL! | Poker Vlog #485

10 thoughts on “Starting A $20,000 Session with an ACE HIGH HERO CALL! | Poker Vlog #485

  1. Sorry to say it. You need to send out hype shorts about the 200+k nights. Just watched hustlers stream please come out with your commentary soon!!! Love the up swing

  2. I'd tell to stop recording you since you can't. And if they bitch about it I'd call them a hypocrite 👍👍

  3. Ethan has no furniture in his house. Way to much reverb going on in there. Spend some of your winnings on some furniture bro. lol

  4. I got told at the Hard Rock in Tulsa that they don’t allow recording or pics at their table games due to “their trade mark”. I’m guessing they don’t want people seeing how their chips look to try and counterfeit them

  5. Seminole let's Lexo film everyday…I'm sure you already know that already though…good luck!

  6. I've said it before but we should make a drinking game out of how many times rampage says "and for x dollars, they csll" its a redundant comment every time and literally every single time he says ",and for …" we know they called. Shots every time!

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