Coming to the house craps strategy

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Sorry such a long video couldn’t help it as u will see
Coming to the house craps strategy.
Using a V3 dice set. 3-5. 3-1 try it
Strategy consists of
$180 each on the 6&8
One hit pays $210
Bank the $10
Use the $200 for the come part.
$25 come get set
$25 come get set
$50 come
$100 come
All the come bets are house money. Winnings. Trying to double them up on the come Is the objective
Caution !!!! Sevens before a 6&8 will kill your bankroll. I can’t control that part.
Good odds in my opinion 10 ways to hit 6or8 6 ways to get a seven.
Thanks for watching
Crappy says don’t crap out !!!

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Coming to the house craps strategy

8 thoughts on “Coming to the house craps strategy

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  2. I'm enjoying your channel. Question, why not make place bets(instead of come bets) if you're not placing odds? Also thank you for placing the come and place bets correctly.

  3. Since your raspberry throwing is much improved maybe use the house $ for place bets. And collect.

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