Conservative Craps Strategy Wins on Long Roll

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Conservative Craps Strategy Wins on Long Roll – Real Live Casino Craps Game. I received permission to film at Century Casino in Central City, CO. Thanks to Rick at Let it Roll for his connections there. This is a huge live dice roll that lasts for over 30 rolls. “Slambright” is the shooter and you can hear him getting excited as he hits points and hard ways bets!

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Conservative Craps Strategy Wins on Long Roll

10 thoughts on “Conservative Craps Strategy Wins on Long Roll

  1. If you are going to go this conservative and not place odds on your come bets, why not just place two numbers on the come-out roll and place a third and fourth bet on the next two rolls? Cushions you from the 7 and out and allows you to get 7:5 and 7:6 rather than even money. Awesome roll but imagine it as all come bets with 2x odds.

    Edit: Saw this exact comment below. Totally respect your decision to press with winnings rather than using your own funds. Got to decide on a session, am I going to be conservative or aggressive. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. I know that you are playing with your money, but come on man you kept doing the same bet! Really, I just subscribed to your channel but watching you play was painful and frustrating. Later man, unsubscribing ASAP.

  3. Hey I don’t have a Facebook to message you, but I have an interesting $10 strategy that I would love your feedback on.

  4. “Hey Color Up, how many ads do you want in this video”

    Color Up: “Yes”

    Jokes aside, good video! Keep up the winning! 👍

  5. Where you at? Haven't seen a video in a week. I played last Saturday for the first time in a long time, made enough to double my buy in thanks to a couple of long rolls by my self and the guy shooting after me. Hope all is well, look forward to the next video.

  6. I love seeing low roller strategies at work. As Casino Quest would say, "peasant friendly"

  7. If I could teach all of you to win at craps 100% of the time and never loose what would that be worth to you?

  8. Playing in Pittsburgh pa area and all we got are 15 and 25 dollar tables all week. Would you say a dont come bet is better. I always seem to lose my ass.

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