WINNING $655,289! A Tournament REVIEW with girafganger7 & Michael Acevedo

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Last month, Bert Stevens aka GirafGanger7 came 2nd in the $25,500 GGPoker Super High Roller for $655,289. This catapulted him to the highest ranked online poker player on PocketFives.

Over at we have regular live streams where our coaches analyse their deep tournament runs and give priceless insight into their decisions.

This is a short highlights video from one of these live streams between PokerCoaching coaches GirafGanger7 and Michael Acevedo – author of ‘ Modern Poker Theory’ .

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WINNING $655,289! A Tournament REVIEW with girafganger7 & Michael Acevedo

10 thoughts on “WINNING $655,289! A Tournament REVIEW with girafganger7 & Michael Acevedo

  1. What is the biggest buy-in tournament that you have played and how did you do? 😃

  2. Karina dostkarina dost Karina dost करीना दोस्त says:


  3. Im actually at the end of modern poker theory for the second time right now. The first time i read it there was a lot i didnt understand. I took some other courses on math and game theory which helped me a lot for second time around. However dont let that discourage anyone there is still so much helpful stuff in there even if you dont want to get into math yet.

  4. I cant justify the K 3 call. Sounds like the regs at my local casino "well I've seen u bluff so i gotta call off everything now" Q J made a lot of sense there, K 10, its just such an underbluffed spot that calling off ESPECIALLY versus a bad player who isn't looking for exploitative bluffs. If the player is very good its a little better of a call but still just a bad spot to call off considering hero has all the Q J and better 2 pair combos too except A K. But what do i know I play 5$ tournies lmao

  5. Always great to tune in !!! Still havnt signed up for full coaching but definitely plan on doing it. Thanks Mr Little for continuing with your great content . 1.5k views and only 65 likes!!!!! Cmon people support this man .

  6. Hi Jonathan, in one of your previous streaming videos, you mentioned the make and model of the ball/marble mouse that you use to work at poker. Can you tell us what that was again? Thanks!

  7. Any reason why villain can’t have QJs in the K3 hand? Seems possibly more likely than KT tbh 🤷‍♂️

  8. Was the K10 hand so bad on the rec player's part? I mean, they were pretty deep and he did get some extra value.

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