CRAPS! 678 Concepts… Why It Works!

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CRAPS!   678 Concepts… Why It Works!

7 thoughts on “CRAPS! 678 Concepts… Why It Works!

  1. What are the chances the boss will stop the game if things go really bad for them with all playing the Don't. Lol, I'd like to be in on that game if it ever happened.

  2. Jacob, I have tried this with a $200 dp $15yo and then do $135 across or the iron cross $50/$60 and $25 field. Seems to work pretty well. I implement Waylon's increase the DP on a loss to $400 and $30you, up to $600 on the next loss and $45 yo. Not increasing the other bets gives you a shot at recouping your loss quicker.

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