10 thoughts on “CRAPS! 6,7,8 What to do if you have a 5 6 or 8 Point!

  1. OK … I get the consistency thing so that you don't just start pressing on a gut feel that you're on the big roll … HOWEVER … Why not adhere to another rule that says when you get knocked off the Don't Pass and you are going to "ride out" the place bets till the shooter 7s out, WHY NOT make the rule say if you just take 6 hits without pressing then go to a half press mode. You've guaranteed the 6 hits you just take on has covered your Don't Pass loss and then some. I just can't understand why you wouldn't move into a half press mode.

  2. Wow this a great strategy. Will be in Vegas this weekend . Looking forward to adding this to go with the squeeze play and pineapple press.

  3. string of dp number hits in a row and you lose……..string of 7's on come out and you lose…..those 2 things happen ALL THE TIME…………………when you run this live i'll fly out with the BABB ie big ass body bag…….. waylons published 46 strats better than this one…………… cmon now🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  4. Probably one of my favorite strategies, 2 extra tips I'll add is when you regressed your bets, you could have also taken down your extra $50 in odds and left the Don't pass at $100. If a shooter goes past 10 rolls or something and you're feeling like they may hit the point you can also take down your $100 insurance policy and just ride it out with casino money. My 2nd tip is, with $100 don't on a come out roll, I sometimes like to throw $5 on the YO

  5. I played the 6,7,8 last night on my local $5 table, but with a little twist. $25 DC and $12 on 6,8 even if the point was 6 or 8. My logic was if they hit the point (which killed me last session I played 6,7,8), I'd only lose $11, instead of $25. It only happened a couple times. I'd collect 2 hits, to make sure I was making a little bit, then adding the 5 and/or 9 for 1 or 2 units, depending on the point. In for $350, out with $500, so I will give this one another try next time.

  6. Can you scale this method for lower bettors? Love the video just wanna see how it rolls out at a lower level! Keep it up!!

  7. Great discipline, cool system. I've seen people rack up on the don't….I've also seen those same players get completely reamed because they refused to switch when the table got hot.

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