Craps any seven craps strategy

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Wow huge profit low risk most of the time but you can get real deep in this on long rolls. Be careful. Huge easy profits. Every 5. Presses you need to double very easy can use any unit size

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Craps any seven craps strategy

7 thoughts on “Craps any seven craps strategy

  1. The progression. I came up with is
    If you go up one unit on every roll at the seventh roll you break exactly even.
    So I go up one unit each roll and double up after every 5 th roll profit will fluctuate. Depending where u are in the progression.
    So. 1 unit
    2 unit
    3 unit
    4 unit
    5 unit
    10 unit
    11 unit
    12 unit
    13 unit
    14 unit
    15 unit
    30 unit
    31 unit
    And so on try it on your craps on your phone or computer amazing profit s There is risk out of all my practice with this one One time I had almost $2000 out before I hit a seven and one other time close to $3000 so at the $5 level will need a big bankroll. At $1 level it could still get up there. But not as much risk but way less profit. With a high table limit and a monster bankroll at the $25 level. Wow could get very rich. Be careful. Crappy says don’t crap out

  2. The math seems to break down during the third level or do you “triple” your bet on third level (after $75 go to $225?) and then quad your bet on fourth?

  3. Try to Martingale the Dont Pass with hedges. I have a chart that goes 7 levels. Very hard to lose with it. You must hit your point 7 times before hitting a 7 or a 2/3 on come out for it to lose. Very hard to do.

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