Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Molly – Single Odds

Craps Strategy Video Information:

This video covers a craps betting strategy called the 3 Point Molly. This strategy is part of my craps for beginners series. It covers the pass line and come bets as well as adding single odds.

Live Roll starts at 1:09

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Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Molly – Single Odds

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Molly – Single Odds

  1. Hey just wanted to reach out. I played this method for about 3 hours in Vegas. It was a tug of war, but ended up positive $780. Covered my girlfriend and I's show and dinner for the night. Just wanted to say I love your content! Ill be back in Vegas soon! Want to try other methods. What would you suggest.

  2. You messed up at the end. When you still had the 8 left for the come bet and the odds. After you hit the point you started rolling with out betting on the pass or dont pass line. Just to see if you can hit your 8. Problem is casinos will not allow you to throw a come out roll without a pass/dont pass bet. You needed to pull a $1 out of your winnings with the last $4 to meet the min bet. Or you could have pulled your odds down and used that for a pass line bet. Other than that solid video and shows a good way to play love limit tables

  3. I play this using 1, 2, 3x odds coming out. 1x for the 4/10, 2x for the 5/9 and 3x for the 6/8. Keep the pass and come bet at one unit and press upcoming odds bets 50% on winning numbers. Continue to press up to max odds. . If you win on max odds, then press the pass/come bets up 50% and continue until you own the casino😉. Progressive 3 point Molly. Also place and 1/2 unit press the 6/8 after first winning point. Use the 6/8 winnings for odds when the come bet hits the placed or workin 6 or 8.

  4. I remember the very 1st time I shot dice, I hit 127 points 38 naturalss and 356 place numbers…..My last roll was 5 12's in a row, point 7.

  5. I don’t understand why when you win on the come out roll why you pull your pass line bet off to put a new one.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong. If I play this strategy with a $10 minimum table, I will not have to adjust my odds bets on the odd points and I’ll be able to just make $10 initial bets and $10 odds bets for each point, right?

  7. I use this strategy most of the time with good results. Its is aggressive but when it pays off, it PAYS off. Gotta try for max odds though. Made $400 in 30 minutes tonight

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