How to Not be a Moron at the Craps Table

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The Dominator explains what ticks the stickman and dealer off the most. Why you shouldn’t place late best or buy in, in the middle of a roll. It’s the Moron Factor……..

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How to Not be a Moron at the Craps Table

10 thoughts on “How to Not be a Moron at the Craps Table

  1. I popped 6 hard 6s in a row because of Dom's and Frank's technique and the table was in such an uproar that the players tossed me over 100 bucks in tips! Tips to the shooter. Trying to say that dice cannot be controlled on a table is a misinformed assumption at best.

  2. I lost 3,000 when I moron placed a late bet the dice hit his hand and I sevened out…

  3. The other morons are the people watching their loved ones and friends, standing "at the table not playing" but all up in the game. Please back up and give me some elbow room, your invading my space.

  4. another thing morons do at the table is taking forever and a day setting dice.
    another moron move is people who are excesevly loud
    it's okay to cheer
    bit I've ran into some who are abnoxious

  5. thank you for the info….really didnt know the rule..always thought that you could buy in when the dice was in the middle of the table….i would wait and the deallers would ask me if i wanted to buy in so i did…now i know better

  6. Buying in during a roll drives me nuts. It slows down the game and breaks a streak 9 times out of 10. If your new to the game and don’t know the etiquette, ask someone what to do. There are plenty of people who will be happy to advise you.

  7. Don't be the Moron that rolls a six or eight on the come out roll and then a 7 on the second roll! You son of a bitch!

  8. I buy in sometimes during a shooter I know's roll. I purposely try to ice some of them just to piss them off. These dicks will put their cheques in my line to the wall all the time or they'll ice me, so turnabout is fair play.

  9. Now a days it's seems like they want people to bet late. They never tell late betters nothing, drives me nuts

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