Craps Betting Strategy – Martingale

Craps Strategy Video Information:

This video covers a craps betting strategy called the Martingale. The strategy has the gambler double his bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake.

Live Roll starts at 2:17
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Craps Betting Strategy – Martingale

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – Martingale

  1. Wouldn't Martingale work better on the PASS LINE? Slower, but better.
    I guess, bottom line is that there really is no good application for Martingale.

  2. I play with a bankroll of $5065. I only play the don't pass and I only play $5 tables with a max of at least $3k. I double my loss and add $5 so I'm winning at least $5 more per bet. Looks like this: 5, 15, 35, 75, 155, 315, 635, 1275, 2555. That's my $5065 and I can survive 9 bets. At this time in my life, I have not lost 9 in a row while betting the don't pass. Even a 30-60 minute roll on a super hot table rarely hits more than 4-5 points. I used to do this bet on the Field and it was exciting because the 2 & 12 could sometimes payout 2x or 3x but I eventually got streaked the full 9 times and lost the bankroll. Luckily I'd won that much and then some overall using the strategy. Only major difference between field and don't pass is that Field is fast and don't pass bets can take a while. Works great for waiting on drinks and being at a table for a while.

  3. For those who would Martingale the pass/don’t pass lines, how do have the balls to bet $1000 on the come out roll?

  4. As much as i like the name, this strategy isn’t my favorite…. thank you for the videos, keep them coming!

  5. 5- 15- 35- 75- 155- 315- 635- 1275- 2555..THIS level keeps you under the table limit gives you 9 chances to hit  PLUS win all the prior bets….@5 dollars per…..and the bonus of the fields is the 2 and 12 which pays double or triple….and that can make your day quickly…when you are betting at the higher rate.  hitting the 2 0r 12 when you are betting at the 635.and up level gets you the extra 635. or triple win…. that is the exciting part.    also  using this system on the 4, and 10 will get you the extra every time.    bank roll is 5065….the price of a used car…..or look at it as your tools for winning…   it is a strategy to weather the storm of bad shooters.

  6. take time to roll 100 numbers…and see how often the field comes up…write them down, and color the field numbers…to see will your eyes….and not your memory…do it as many times as you want…your brother came to the game  hoping to get lucky..and is/was hugely under funded….this is gambling right?  it is still scarey even when the odds are in your favor… balls tighten up real tight anytime after 35.

  7. do my strategy…with all the numbers your brother rolled….hugely different outcome….way better  !

  8. 32 across doesn't work well when all you got is $32. and a fool rolls a 7 win, 6point , 7 out.

  9. it takes 9 wins in a row and doubling your bet each time to hit the table limit…5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 2560… a possible but unlikely scenario…and 9 more double up wins to get to a million +  1,310,720…but you have to ask the pitt boss each time for the next higher bet…..who has the balls to risk…anything past $80….roll your own dice…and dream…….

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